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W.A.S.H. Project

"Thank you to everyone who has supported this journey by buying a book, attending an event, booking a session, or sharing your experience.

This would not be possible without all of you."

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Time to DO YOUR Laundry


Many of us go through life suppressing our past and present issues. Often, we do not think we have the ability, or support to address situations that may have caused internal damage to who we are. W.A.S.H. is a self-help book, written by Maisha Howze, that utilizes reflection questions in a workbook format to give you a deliberate opportunity to reflect on each chapter and think about your individual needs.

W.A.S.H.: Time To Do YOUR Laundry was written with the hope that readers will examine their dirty laundry and move from Withstanding the Strife to the process of Healing.

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